School of Mathematics and Statistics,

The University of Sydney,


Carslaw building.

Contact :

Current position:

I started since December (2022) a postdoc in algebra and algebraic combinatorics at The University of Sydney under the advisory of James Parkinson.

Previous positions:

- In 2021/2022 I was a CNRS postdoc in algebra and algebraic combinatorics at Université de Tours and Institut Denis Poisson (France), where I was working with Thomas Gobet, Jérémie Guilhot and Cédric Lecouvey.

- I earned my Ph.D. (2021) in Mathematics from Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada), under the advisory of Christophe Hohlweg and Hugh Thomas.

Scientific interests:

  • Coxeter groups, Weyl and affine Weyl groups.

  • Bruhat order on fixed point cosets.

  • Kazhdan-Lusztig cells, representations of Hecke algebras.

  • Shi regions, minimal elements of Shi regions and low elements.

  • Shi varieties.

  • Automata theory and Garside shadows related to the language of reduced words in Coxeter groups.

  • Root systems of Coxeter groups.

  • Lattice theory.

  • Toric varieties in relation with generalized associahedra.

  • Lie algebras.

  • Kac-Moody algebras and crystal theory.