Accepted or published papers:

  1. An order on circular permutations. Accepted in Electronic journal of combinatorics, 2021. (with A. Abram, C. Reutenauer). Journal, arxiv.

  2. Lattice associated to a Shi variety. To appear in Journal of combinatorics, 2021. arxiv.

  3. Affine twisted length function. Accepted in Comptes Rendus Mathématique, 2021. Journal, arxiv.

Submitted papers:

  1. Shi variety corresponding to an affine Weyl group, 2020. arxiv.

  2. A symmetric group action on the irreducible components of the Shi variety in type A, 2020. arxiv.

  3. ABHY Associahedra and Newton polytopes of F-polynomials for finite type cluster algebras, 2021. (with V. Bazier-Matte, G. Douville, K. Mousavand, H. Thomas, E. Yildirim). arxiv.

  4. Shi arrangements and low elements in affine Coxeter groups, 2022 (with C. Hohlweg). arxiv.

  5. Orientation of alcoves in affine Weyl groups, 2022. arxiv.

  6. Atomic length in Weyl groups, 2022 (with T. Gerber). arxiv.

My Ph.D. thesis:

Variétés de Shi associées aux groupes de Weyl affines, 2021. (Manuscript).