Accepted or published papers:

  1. An order on circular permutations. Accepted in Electronic journal of combinatorics, 2021. (with A. Abram, C. Reutenauer). Journal, arxiv.

  2. Lattice associated to a Shi variety. To appear in Journal of combinatorics, 2021. arxiv.

  3. Affine twisted length function. Accepted in Comptes Rendus Mathématique, 2021. Journal, arxiv.

Submitted papers:

  1. Shi variety corresponding to an affine Weyl group, 2020. arxiv.

  2. A symmetric group action on the irreducible components of the Shi variety in type A, 2020. arxiv.

  3. ABHY Associahedra and Newton polytopes of F-polynomials for finite type cluster algebras, 2021. (with V. Bazier-Matte, G. Douville, K. Mousavand, H. Thomas, E. Yildirim). arxiv.

  4. Shi arrangements and low elements in affine Coxeter groups, 2022 (with C. Hohlweg). arxiv.

  5. Orientation of alcoves in affine Weyl groups, 2022. arxiv.

My Ph.D. thesis:

Variétés de Shi associées aux groupes de Weyl affines, 2021. (Manuscript).